Meet the wonderful staff at NEW TLC Veterinary Hospital!

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    Hannah Potter
    Veterinary Technician

    Hannah loves dogs! She has a dog named Maddie. Hannah enjoys meeting all of the new puppy and kittens when they come in for their appointments. Her generosity and kindness always make our clients and patients feel welcome.

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    Cyriss Fareas

    Cyriss is our bright and lovely receptionist. She is your welcome party when you enter our building with your pet. She handles most phone calls and appointments. Her warm and welcoming smile is usually the first thing you see when you come through our doors!

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    Enzo Fareas
    Pet Mascot

    Enzo is our friendly love bug pet mascot! He is often seen around our clinic. You can visit him for some hugs and kisses, or simply wave from a safe distance if you or your pet is not puppy friendly. He loves the attention either way!

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